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The flexible, compact planer for use in trade settings.

Application | The TIMBERMASTER is the perfect compact planer for use in small and medium-sized operation, its four to ten working spindles make it effective for all types of work. Lumber, planks, log cabin frames, construction timber (CT), duo / trio beams or glued laminated timber (glulam), either wet or dry – no problem for the TIMBERMASTER.

Equipment | The TIMBERMASTER comes fitted with floating vertical shafts and floating chamfering aggregates, among other things, as a standard. You can choose between a heavy planer shaft or planer head design. Other options can easily be added due to the modular design.   

Use | Its robust stability means the TIMBERMASTER can stand up to permanent loads. It is very safe and user-friendly to operate. 

Specifications | TIMBERMASTER

Working widths:  Up to 630 mm
Working heights:  Up to 300 mm
Feed rates:  Up to 60 m / min
Control:  Siemens S7 PLC with Profinet connection 
Spindle assembly:  According to your wishes
Areas of operation:  Production of lumber
  Production of log cabin frames production of solid
  construction timber (CT) production of duo / trio
  beams production of glued laminated timber (glulam)

Learn more about the TIMBERMASTER planer in our application video.

You can download our TIMBERMASTER brochure here.


TIMBERMASTER with four shafts and bevel

TIMBERMASTER with four shafts without bevel

TIMBERMASTER with fifth working shaft

TIMBERMASTER with pre-straightening shaft

TIMBERMASTER with Mechanised Process

TIMBERMASTER with six shafts and bevel

TIMBERMASTER with 11 shafts and bevel

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