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Suitable planing tools for all woodworking machines

The quality of the machined surfaces is not just related to planers, but also the tools used. For this reason, REX always manufactures its planing tools itself - planer heads with cylindrical bore, cone-tensioned planing heads or hydro planing heads. Automatic change shafts are manufactured in-house.

Simple and fast: The screwless system for tensioning the blade

As the only manufacturer of wide planing machines, we offer a screwless system for tensioning the blade in planing machines with built-in planing shafts. That is, you can save yourself the endless screw loosening, which can be up to 570 screws per blade change for work widths of 2600 mm. It doesn't get quicker or easier!

REX provides planer heads and change shafts in the following models

Helpful service videos showing easy and quick tool changes can be found here.

The practical trolley for safe transport

All the work of grinding tools can be destroyed if the tools are not transported in the correct way to the machine. REX has a solution for this too: The tool trolley with space for planer heads and / or change shafts. A limited turn radius prevents the trolley from tipping over; an automatic brake prevents accidental rolling. Pneumatic tires also provide shock-free transport of the tools on uneven ground.

Measuring accurate to thousandths

Tool grinding is performed in the range of thousandths. These small ranges require special measuring tools. REX provides digital calipers, torque wrenches, dial gauges, straight edges, angles and micrometers, among others.

Of course you can also contact us by email to place your orders or ask questions. Or you can call our service team.

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